Expert JavaEE Training

Ematiz provides a very flexible and advanced training offer in all areas related to web technologies, and in particular in Java enterprise world. It is in constant evolution, due to the training demands made by large companies in the field of new technologies and the knowledge society. See our training catalog.

Ematiz believes in working together with the Human Resources Department to achieve professional excellence of students through continuous monitoring and implementation of custom reports to detect lack of training.

How are we different?

We work closely with clients, meeting the people that are part of customer's team. This allows us to find specific solutions to real problems.

Experienced trainers with teaching skills and a high level of expertise. We do not work with freelancers as we can not guarantee the quality of their work and we're not a company whose only value is to manage a cartera of trainers.

Our trainers have practical knowledge acquired in the real work and they are versatile and participate in the execution of other services (software development, ICT consultancy, etc..).

Customized training

If you do not find the technology training in this catalog you are looking for, feel free to contact us and we will design you some more specific training.