Software Development

Ematiz is a company focused from the beginning on learning and continuous innovation.

Innovation is part of our corporate culture and we work with great flexibility to adapt to the rapidly changing market, converting technological knowledge into new products and services.

Our software development projects are cutting edge, pioneering and look to surprise the user, and that's the reason they have become products.


The proliferation of sources in the environment allows us to access a widespread variety of information. In contrast, this high volume causes misinformation and increases the amount of costly data analysis work.

Lalupa solves this problem by acting as an information transformer: processing unstructured data, turning it into perfectly organized data.

Lalupa is a web platform that allows you to search information then process it in an advanced way. It adds advanced document management capabilities and collaborative work creating a very useful and easy to use tool.

Lalupa is able to retrieve data in a flexible and powerful way, getting information, processing it, and subsequently generating knowledge to operate it.